Photographer of People and Moments.

Todd began his career as a photojournalist, traveling on assignment around the globe, from the plains of Africa and South America, to the capitals and countrysides of Europe and Asia.

In the early 90s, he settled in New York and worked with Rolling Stone photographer Mark Seliger.

From there, Todd launched his own studio, photographing a range of humanity and experiences– cultural icons, rock stars, titans of industry, great creative minds and emerging entrepreneurs.

His passion for narrative made for a natural transition from journalism to portraiture and events that powerfully captures the spirit of his subjects and conveys a poignant sense of place and experience.

Todd has warmth that puts people at ease, and a natural curiosity that captures moments both beautiful and interesting. His approach is thoughtful and unobtrusive; his attention to detail and ability to capture emotion are a vital part of his craft. 

Please feel free to contact the studio to get more information.